Our Sustainability Policy

Our Sustainability Policy


As PENTA ELEKTRONIK, we aim to sustain the development model that will meet today’s needs without compromising next generation’s resources. This model requires us to adapt all of our operations and management in a way that will enable everyone to reach their full potential while maintaining and enriching our world’s natural wealth, leading to improved quality of life.

We are aware of the fact that true sustainability can only be achieved by implementing the triple bottom line philosophy (economical, environmental, social sustainability as a whole.) By acting sensible to the nature in every move, and using limited resources responsibly, economy can be aided. Also by acting environmentally conscious, healthy and responsible societies will form.

To spread the sustainability knowledge through our supply chain, we work with suppliers that use materials that are not harmful to nature (RoHS , Reach etc.) also using materials that are conflict-free, not serving economies that pose a threat to human rights.

Child labour is never used in any of our operations and our supply chain.

We are determined to develop and integrate sustainability consciousness to our business processes. We aim to take part in every way that can help us get to true sustainability while being transparent in measurement of our sustainability.