Company Mission and Vision

Company Mission and Vision

Our organization’s mission, aims continuous improvement in every process and subject for PENTA Elektronik.

PENTA Elektronik aims to be independent, focused and responsible in its business activities while aiming to become an organisation that creates more capital every day, exceeding customer expectations, concentrated in its efforts and resources, while perpetually improving its service and quality, maintaining a global, innovative and environmentalist approach.

PENTA Elektronik provides a safe, friendly, internally and externally competitive workplace environment to its employees, enabling them to reach their maximum potential.

Main principles defining PENTA Elektronik’s vision:


Enables organisation’s own financial character and its continuity.


PENTA Elektronik will design, develop, produce and sell its current and new products within its own capabilities.

Global Growth:

The fact that markets and customers are globalising as they advance; products, services and the organisation itself have to follow a correct global growth strategy in order to benefit fully from the arising opportunities.


New breakthroughs in researches help us to define the improvements in our products, our marketing future and our growth potential.


Customer satisfaction, loyalty and trust are only achieved by meeting their demands on time, correctly with stability.

Continuous Improvement:

PENTA Elektronik have designed all of its processes to create more added value as time progresses.

Environmental Sensitivity:

It is our duty to minimize the environmental effect of our processes and products while encouraging our stakeholders to do the same.