Company Profile

Company Profile

PENTA Elektronik, established in 1989 in Istanbul, provides electronic manufacturing services globally in their new 5.000 m2 production plant in Tuzla/Istanbul with its 270 experienced and skilled employees.

With its high technology production lines that can process 8 million components a day, PENTA Elektronik provides its services to automotive, white goods, telecommunications and many other industries.

PENTA Elektronik, a company that pursues new technology and innovation, provides its services, which fits perfectly to its customer’s requirements, at top quality. To do so PENTA Elektronik, has adopted continuous improvement and customer focused working attitude as a company philosophy by training its employees constantly and making right investments at the right time.

When the global facts of today’s business world are considered, it is clearly seen that, rather than one individual company’s success, the performance of the supply chain as a whole has become significantly more important. We, as PENTA Elektronik, embrace this fact and provide our customers not only electronic manufacturing services, but also a strong supply chain experience. With the help of our experience of 25 years in production, nearly %100 of the planning, procuring and storing phases of the components that we purchase from globally known manufacturers, are being managed by us.

Our Quality Management System ISO9001, Environmental Management System ISO14001, our Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO18001/OHSAS and finally our Automotive Production Quality Management System IATF16949 have all been certified by Bueau Veritas.

High quality production, meeting customer demands on time and customer satisfaction are the top priorities of PENTA Elektronik.

PENTA Elektronik is %100 locally owned with its completely paid 8.000.000 TL capital.