Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy


The only possibility for our products and services to be known and sold in the global market is to produce according to the requirements of our customers. 

For our products and services to fully satisfy our customers’ expectations, it’s necessary to fully understand the real needs of the customers and to use total quality system effectively. With the understanding and accepting these aims, all the menageries, employees and workers of PENTA ELEKTRONIK have chosen the following objectives as the tools for keeping the quality policy in life:  

To meet the expectations ,safety and functional requirements of the customers, 

To produce zero defect parts and supply the new products and parts with specification changes in the shortest possible time,

To ensure that all activities and operations are always in conformity with the total quality system and to give importance to improve and  develop our products 

To co-operate and work always with the suppliers and subcontractors which always  aim for better quality and to help the suppliers to improve  their quality level and technology, 

To continue to do research and development in order to improve our quality systems and products and to keep being the leader in our activity field, 

To follow and maintain the implemented quality assurance  system with the fully support of the management, 

To keep the company profitable and long lasting in the local and global market.

To provide healthy, safety and comfortable environments to our employees and provide necessary resources for them to furnish necessary training, so they can produce quality parts efficiently, 

To support and encourage the  employees to develop their professional carriers, to provide them long term job opportunities and improve their living standards in proportion to the profitability of the company, 

To give special attention on  house keeping and environmental issues 

Briefly, to provide Internal and External Customer Satisfaction is our primary goal.